you're almost there c;
i bet you're looking for a psd. they're somewhere else now. but theyre still there. i have a few simple rules you must follow. dont worry. they're pretty simple c: lol. i just wanna ask people to not copy and/or re-distribute/re-upload these psds as your own. you can learn from them, you can edit the settings and play around with them but you're not allowed to just copy all the adjustment settings, put it in another psd and image and post it on the internet. please dont do that. i can easily catch people. orz

things you can do:
• you can edit the settings
• you can use it for an edit.

things you cannot do:
• copy the adjustment layers and pasting it on another photo then re-upload them someone and claiming as your own..

things you need to do:
• just like or reblog the post.
• credits are not required but appreciated
• click the one on your right

understand? sorry if im a bit strict orz ; ;